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Welcome Future Note Investor,

I’m very excited, by popular demand, to introduce you to my all-new Online Academy!

Students have always raved about the quality of my educational materials, but the one complaint I sometimes hear is, “There’s so much here—where do I start?!” 

So, I set out to carefully curate the most comprehensive yet streamlined series of classes from my whole body of training.

These new classes enable students to learn the many facets of note buying in the most efficient, organized way possible.

With my new Online Academy, you’ll get the “best-of-the-best” and the “newest-of-the-new,” all created and hand-selected by me and presented in an online class format to provide you with the best learning experience possible.


Who should enroll in the Online Academy?

Anyone wanting to make money or build wealth easily and safely.

Everyone Can Benefit from The NoteBuyer's Online Academy

New to Note Investing?

The NoteBuyer’s Online Academy is your fast track to learn how to flip or hold notes for big profits.

✅ Find motivated Note Sellers in this Unique Market

✅ Beat out competition when making your offer

✅ Negotiate with Note Sellers and get more deals under contract

✅ Put money in your pocket in the next 30 to 60 days, without your own cash or credit

✅ Acquire properties at maximum discounts

✅ Build your own personal portfolio of notes

✅ Practice real deals, from talking to the note seller to preparing an excellent offer

Experienced Note Buyer?

Learn how to use my advanced strategies to reach your financial goals with notes.

✅ Re-structure your real estate portfolio so you never have to deal with tenants, trash, or toilets

✅ Invest a million dollars in your IRA without paying a dime in taxes or even making a contribution

✅ Buy and sell properties for maximum profits, without ever going to the bank

✅ Massage an ordinary note with my creative financing for returns of 60% or more

✅ Negotiate modifications and forbearance agreements on Non-Performing Notes

Why Should I Enroll?

The NoteBuyer’s Online Academy will equip you to:

✅ Harness the amazing power of the discount and apply it to every day transactions for incredible returns

✅ Grow your IRA with the security of real property

✅ Flip Notes instead of properties—it’s SO MUCH easier!

✅ Use creative note strategies to buy and sell properties without bank financing.


You’ll learn the complete note buying process from start to finish, including how to:

✅ Find motivated note sellers

✅ Evaluate note leads for maximum profits and optimal safety

✅ Structure and present compelling offers

✅ Perform due diligence to ensure the safety of the investment

✅ Document your note deals to protect your interests

✅ Orchestrate a smooth closing


In addition to my comprehensive online classes, you’ll receive 6 Months of Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching on Seller-Financed Notes (with me, personally!):

  1. Send me a Note Submission Form when you find a note lead
  2. I’ll personally coach you through each step of the offer, due diligence, and closing
  3. We’ll use my investors and split the profit 50/50 when the note closes! (You won’t find deal sharing like that anywhere!)


Between the Online Academy and my personal, hands-on deal coaching, you will not find a better way to make money with notes.

Click here to learn more about my Online Academy and Deal Coaching offer!

If you have questions about the Academy or this offer, send me an email to

I look forward to closing a note with you!



What My Students Are Saying About The NoteBuyer's Online Academy

"I have been using Donna’s forms and techniques for decades. Technologies may improve but the basics are timeless."
Carl Fischer
Principal, CamaPlan
“This was my first intensive training experience with note buying, before this I had only attended a few of Donna’s 2-3 hour training sessions with Cincinnati REIA. This really was a great experience and having the videos and materials to study from is priceless."
Laura B.
"Donna pulls back the curtain on the "secrets" of the note investing business and lets you see the inner workings of what it takes to be successful in the note business. She not only show the big picture of the note investing business, but she deep-dives into the much needed documentation/paperwork. Donna is a must for anybody serious about the note business. Thank you so much Donna for sharing your wealth of knowledge that can only come with decades of real life experiences."
Todd H.

What's Included in the Offer?

The NoteBuyer’s Online Academy is jam-packed with 10 curated courses featuring the latest and greatest of all my teachings.

Each course has downloadable video, audio, and manuals for each lesson.

You can learn off-line and on-the-go!

Online Academy Courses and Lessons Catalog

✅ Introduction to Notes

      • Popular Strategies to Achieve Your Goals
      • Organizing and Setting Up

✅ Flipping Seller-Carryback Notes

      • How to Flip a Seller-Carryback Note for Profit
      • Finding Performing Seller-Carryback Notes
      • Talking to the Note Seller/Gathering Information for the Submission Form
      • What Does a Perfect Note Look Like?
      • Evaluating a Note for Purchase Consideration
      • The Note Purchase Agreement
      • Due Diligence
      • The Closing

✅ Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching on Flipping Seller-Financed Notes

      • Action Items for Coaching

✅ Note Calculations with the HP10Bii Financial Calculator

      • Intro to the HP10bii Financial Calculator
      • The Infallible 4-Step Process for Calculating Discounted Notes and Preparing Your Offer

✅ Using Notes Inside Your Self-Directed IRA

      • The $100,000 Recycle Plan

✅ Using Notes Outside your IRA

      • Using Trusts to Hold Your Mortgages For Privacy & Protection

✅ Finding Investors to Fund Your Note Transactions

✅ Master Strategies – Partial Purchase

      • The Power of Partials

✅ Master Strategies – Option Agreement

      • Using Options to Maximize Profits and Minimize Risks

✅ Creating Your Own Private Lending Program


But that’s not all!


You’ll also receive access to my full library of Legacy Training materials:

✅ Complete Library of Forms

✅ The NoteBuyer’s Academy Media Set (video, audio, and manual from my latest 4-day in-person Academy)

✅ The NoteBuyer’s Academy Virtual World Tour Replays (video, audio, and manuals)

✅ The Original NoteBuyer’s Master Guide PDF manual (the book that started the industry)

✅ Making Dollars and Sense With Your Financial Calculator PDF manual

✅ The NoteBuyer’s Guide to SMART Seller Financing PDF manual (how to originate notes)

✅ Note Evaluation Worksheet (custom Excel spreadsheet version of my Infallible 4-Step Process)

✅ Direct Mail Marketing Templates (tri-fold brochure/mailer and postcard)

✅ Starter Website Template


With all these home-study resources and 6 months of Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching with me, you’ll have everything you need to start talking with note sellers and closing deals right away.

I did all the hard work so you can start earning money with notes ASAP!

To recap this offer, you get:

    • Access to my All-New Online Academy Courses
    • Access to my Legacy Training Materials
    • 6 Months of Easy as 1, 2, 3 Coaching

All for Only $50,000!

Just kidding.

Your investment today is just $2,497.

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Students Are RAVING About The Online Academy

"There is a wealth of information provided during the sessions. Donna's training is very thorough, and she will show you how to market to sellers, negotiate with them, and review the calculations. Donna has done this so many times that she easily reads through and deciphers the numbers and then shows how different scenarios with affect the end investment. If you are interested in Notes, I highly recommend attendance."
Tom S.
"Donna’s program was very thorough and she is very engaging. She made it fun and interactive. I learned a lot even though it was online. I feel very well prepared to talk with note sellers and to start investing to grow my IRA. Fabulous all the way around!"
Christine S.
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