Finding Note Seller Leads


First, make sure you have completed the Stimulus Plan course! If you haven’t, return to your Dashboard and complete that before continuing. It is my latest and greatest training on marketing in this unique market. These lessons will help solidify that knowledge and give more depth the the various marketing approaches.

It’s vital that you make a plan and stick to it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen students rush to throw money at a list and mailers and give up after their first mailing doesn’t produce a deal. Your marketing plan is a part of your business plan, and you have to be consistent with it!

Remember, with any form of marketing or advertising, you are playing a game with the law of large numbers. Averages work out on large scales, not small ones. Sometimes you will send 1,000 mail pieces and get 0 responses, sometimes 1, sometimes many. Have a plan and give it some time to get some data before you decide to tweak it.

This session from my 2019 NoteBuyer’s Academy, in addition to the Stimulus Plan, should fully equip you with all the knowledge and strategy you need for marketing for note holders.



Additional Training

Right-click link and “Save link as…” to download a copy for offline review.

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