Pandemic Marketing and Evaluation – Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of The Original NoteBuyer’s Stimulus Plan: Make Money from Home with Notes.

I’ve said for years that note buying is resilient to virtually every kind of market condition, and this year we’ve seen why!

Pay attention, because I’m going to show you the changes and tweaks you need to make in your marketing, note evaluations, discussions with the note seller, and more.


[s3mm type=”video” files=”2020-stimulus-plan/GMT20200407-140351_Donna-s-St_1920x1080.mp4″ /]


Lesson Downloads

Right-click link and “Save link as…” to download a copy for offline review.

  • [s3mm type=”file” files=”2020-stimulus-plan/GMT20200407-140351_Donna-s-St_1920x1080.mp4″]Stimulus Plan Day 1 Video[/s3mm]
  • [s3mm type=”file” files=”coaching-resources/2020.Direct Mail Letter.Coronavirus.docx”]Special Coronavirus Direct Mail Template[/s3mm]
  • [s3mm type=”file” files=”2020-stimulus-plan/Postcard with Address.pdf”]Example Postcard with Return Address[/s3mm]
  • [s3mm type=”file” files=”2019-library-of-forms/2019.SUBMISSION FORM.doc”]Note Submission Form[/s3mm]
  • [s3mm type=”file” files=”2020-stimulus-plan/DAY 1 – Stimulus Plan Handout.pdf”]Day 1 Handout[/s3mm]
  • Updated List Parameters


Updated List Parameters


CARES Act Webinars

Donna referenced these webinars on how to maximize cash from the federal government’s new stimulus program.

Scott Ellsworth’s Free Webinar

John Hyre’s Paid Webinar


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