Tax Considerations for Note Buyers

In this special session from my 2020 NoteBuyer’s Academy Virtual World Tour, my good friend and CPA, Scott Ellsworth, gave a talk on special tax considerations for both note buyers and note investors. He answers some tough, technical questions, some of which you may already have.

Similar to the legal entity and asset protection importance, you’ll want to have a plan for your tax strategy, but don’t let that get in the way of starting your marketing and talking to note leads.


[s3mm type=”video” files=”2020-08-academy-prep-series/Tax Considerations for NoteBuyers.mp4″ /]


Lesson Downloads

Right-click link and click “Save link as…” to download a copy for offline review.

  • [s3mm type=”file” files=”2020-08-academy-prep-series/Tax Considerations for NoteBuyers.mp4″]2020 NoteBuyer’s Academy – Tax Considerations for NoteBuyers with Scott Ellsworth, CPA Video[/s3mm]


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